Washington County Fair


       John Rech Memorial Pull
        Washington County Fair 2018 
        Truck and Tractor Pull 

Saturday September 1st 

They will start at 9:00 A.M. with the farm stock. There will be an intermission. Then, the pulls will start again at 6:00 P.M. with hot truck and tractors. (Drivers meeting will be held 30 min
Over a $6,000 Purse
Farm Session:
4mph Classes: 4500lb, 5500lb, 7500lb
6mph classes: 9500lb, 11500lb, 13500lb

Night Session:
6200lb Cheater Stock Gas Truck
6500lb Open Tractors
8500lb Hot/Open Street Diesel Trucks
6500lb Modified Stock Gas Trucks
2.5/2.6sb Diesel Trucks
20000lb Hot Semi Trucks
9000b Open Turbo Tractors
7700lb RWYB Trucks

*Please note- this is not the official class order, pulling order will be decided the day of the event. Night Session will not start before 7pm. 

Pulling order will be made the day of the event

Farm Stock Tractor Classes

4,500lb, 5,500lb, 7,500lb classes

  • Speed limit of 4mph.  2 warning alarms, disqualified on 3rd alarm.
  • Hitch height of 18”. Hitches will be solid, no vertical or side to side motion.
  • 18.4 tire size max. Top cut tires are allowed.  Front cuts or full cut tires not allowed.
  • 10 or fewer per class, 2 drivers per tractor allowed
  • All weights must be securely mounted.  If anything falls from tractor, that hook is dq’d

9,500lb, 11,500lb, 13,500lb classes

  • Speed limit of 6mph. 2 warning alarms, disqualified on 3rd alarm
  • Hitch height of 20”. Hitches will be solid, no vertical or side to side motion
  • 20.8 tire size max. Top cut tires allowed.  Front cut or full cuts not allowed.
  • 10 or fewer per class, 2 drivers per tractor allowed
  • All weights must be securely mounted.  If anything falls from tractor, that hook is dq’d.
10,000lb no speed limit farm tractor
  • 20.8 tire size max. Top cut tires allowed, no front or full cut tires allowed
  • 20” hitch height. Solid hitch, no vertical or side to side motion
  • Helmets required for any tractors with full cages or roll bars.

6200 Cheater stock gas truck[s1] (AFPA RULES)

  • Weight class is 6200 pounds. No weight brackets or hanging weights allowed on front of vehicles. Weights must be in cab or bed only and securely fastened or contained safely therein. No weights allowed under hood or in the wheel wells. No weights may be suspended under the body/chassis or behind panels/parts.
  • No dual wheels, studded tires, tire chains, or any tire not specifically intended for street use are permitted. All tires must carry a D.O.T. number on the side wall, D.O.T. number must be easily read from the outside of the tire. No cut, altered, or sharpened tires.
  • Front bumpers must be unaltered factory stock. No weighted front devices are permitted – this includes but is not limited to: homemade bumpers, brush guards, and winches. Lower brackets (only) for snow plow frames are permitted so long as no modifications that would add weight are determined. An unaltered decorative brush guard may be permitted at the option of the head official. A truck is permitted to compete without a front bumper.
  • The hitch point will be from a “Reese type” hitch or drawbar with the point of attachment to the truck’s frame behind the pumpkin of the rear end. Hitch point may not be more than 24′′ from ground. No angled, lever, pivot, axis or other types of ‘trick’ hitches are allowed and the hitch must be stationary in all directions. The hitch point from center of axle must be no shorter than 36′′ on regular cab trucks and 48′′ on extended and 4-door cab trucks. Shortening of the bed in order to shorten the hook point is not permitted. Traction bars are allowed.
  • Gasoline is the only fuel permitted. No aluminum engine blocks are permitted unless O.E.M. Absolutely no alcohol, nitrous oxide or other oxygen extenders. Turbo-Blue and CAM-2 are permitted. Headers are approved but all exhaust must run through a muffler system. No superchargers or turbochargers permitted. Swaps between manufacturers are not permitted.
  • No solid suspensions are permitted. Must have stock suspension one ton or below. Blocks are allowed between axle housing and truck frame. Lift kits are acceptable.
  • Truck must be stock in appearance. Floor in bed must be solid. The wheelbase may not be changed. Wooden flatbeds are permitted.
  • Transmission & transfer case must be O.E.M. and available in one ton (or smaller) pick-up trucks. U-joint shields, driveshaft loops, and kill switch required.
  • Drivers are urged to wear a seat belt or shoulder harness and a motor sport type helmet when hooked to the sled. Race seats with 5-point harness allowed. Passengers are not permitted in the truck.


6,500lb Open tractor

  • Any engine combination (Diesel, gas, alcohol) V8 tractors allowed,
  •  18.4 tire size max, cut tires allowed
  • 20” hitch height. Solid hitches.  No side to side or vertical movement.
  • Helmets required for tractors with cages or roll bars.  No open toed shoes.  Long sleeves are suggested.  Kill switch recommended on tractor


8,500lb Hot street diesel truck

  • Trucks must weigh 8,500. Ballast can be added, must be in bed and secured.  No loose weight in cab, especially on cab floor.  No hanging weight on front of truck.
  • Traction bars are allowed. Suspension can be blocked for no movement, must be easily removeable. 
  • Dual wheels allowed as long as covered by fenders.
  • DOT tires only.  No cut or off road only tires allowed.
  • 26” hitch height.  Must pull from a reese style hitch.  No drawbar style hitches.  Bracing supports are allowed on hitch but not pass center line of rear axle. 3 x 3-3/4’ opening in hitch.
  • Any turbo configuration allowed.  Factory or aftermarket twin turbos allowed.
  • No hand throttles.  NO pressurized fuel systems(ex: Nitrous, propane) No water injection.
  • Trucks must be road legal. Working head lights and tail lights. No hand throttles.  Factory dash, 2 seats(Racing seats allowed).  Trucks must retain factory bed floor and body parts. Aftermarket front bumpers allowed.
  • Drivetrain(Engine, transmission, axles, transfercase) must all be from 1 ton or under truck. Engines can be changed from truck brand to brand(ex: Cummins in a Ford)
  • Helmets are required. No open toed shoes.  Windows closed during pull.  Absolutely no passengers when pulling. 

6500 Mod stock/Pro street

Engines & Drive-train

  • Cast Iron blocks only, aluminum intakes, any cast iron or conventional type aluminum
  • cylinder heads permitted.
  • Dominator carburetors are permitted. No turbos, superchargers, injection, EFI, split or
  • dual carburetors.
  • Open headers permitted. Vertical Headers are allowed
  • Transmission, transfer case front and rear end must be OEM 1-ton or less.
  1. ***Aftermarket Drop Boxes ARE ALLOWED***
  2. ***Reversers ARE ALLOWED***
  • Heavy-duty aftermarket drive-train parts can be used in OEM housings.
  • Factory frames only – no tube chassis.  Solid or block suspension permitted front and rear.     Crew cab and extended cab trucks are permitted.
  • Front weights and brackets may not extend more than 195” forward from the center of
  • rear axle.   
  • 24” hitch height. No part of hitch or adjustment will be permitted in front of centerline of rear axle. Hitch can be adjustable, but it must be stationary in all directions when pulling. Draw
  • bar can not extend forward past the center point of rear end.
  • Tires must be no larger than 36” tall and 16” wide.  No duals allowed, no cut tires.
  • All safety equipment required as followed:
  1. Drive Shaft Loops
  2. U-Joint Shields
  3. Transmission Blanket or Blow-proof Housing.
  4. Kill Switches
  5. Back-up or neutral lights
  • Driver must wear helmet and fire jacket at a minimum.
  • Must have a working fire extinguisher in cab within reach of driver.

2.5/2.6 smoothbore 

  • 8000lb weight limit
  • 26” hitch height.  Hitches must be solid from movement side to side or up and down.  Opening must be 3x3 ¾ “.  Must be resse style hitch, support can go no farther than centerline of rear axle.
  • Suspension can be solid in movement but all suspension must be bolt on or adjustable.  No welded in solid suspension
  • Duals are allowed, DOT only tires, 35” tall tires max size.
  • Turbos will be no more that 2.55” pre and post map groove or 2.65” smooth bore.  All turbos will be plugged using 2.55” if map groove turbo or 2.65” if smooth bore turbo.
  • No injectables(Nitrous, propane)  No water injection.
  • Air to air intercoolers only.  No air to water intercoolers.
  • All drivetrain will be from one ton or under trucks. 
  • No weight boxes allowed.  Hanging weight or plates allowed.
  • Safety items required.  Kill switch or air kill.  Fire extinguisher recommended.  Closed toed shoes, long sleeves, helmet required.  Seat belt/harness to be worn.  Fuel tanks must be restrained.

9000lb open turbo tractor

  • 20” hitch height.  Hitch must be solid mount, no side to side movement or vertical movement
  • Open turbo sizing.  Single turbo only.
  • Full cut tires allowed.  No tire size limit. 

7700 RWYB truck

  • 7700lb weight limit
  • Any tire configuration allowed.  Cut tires allowed.
  • Any fuel combination.  Gas, diesel, alcohol.  Nitrous is allowed.
  • All safety items to be followed.  Fire extinguisher in cab within reach of driver.  Kill switch/air kill.  Closed toed shoes, full length pants, long sleeves, helmet to be worn during pull.  Seat belt/harness to be worn.
  • 26” hitch height
  • No crying, no petitioning.

20000lb hot street semi

  • Trucks must weigh no more that 20000lbs
  • 4.1” max turbo inlet.  Turbos will be plugged with 4.15” plug.
  • 18’ hitch height.  Hitch height will be checked with Air suspension aired all the way up or rear axle chained down or solid rear suspension.  

General Rules and Regulations:

  1. Any person or persons acting in a reckless or in an unsafe manor will be asked to leave the premises and all winnings will be forfeited.
  2. Anyone under the age of 18 must have parent or guardian consent signature to pull a tractor or truck.
  3. Only one driver will be permitted to pull per tractor or truck class.
  4. There must be a minimum of 8 hooks per class to guarantee full $600 purse.


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