Washington County Fair

Washington County Fair Rules and Regulations


  1. The Marshal, during the Fair, under the direction of the Board of Directors, shall have charge of grounds and police, and shall report to the Secretary all matters requiring action of the Board.  



  1. The Manager in Charge and the Superintendents shall have the arrangement and general management of their respective departments during the Fair; shall have the care and control of the articles and stock assigned to their departments; and shall see that awarding committees or expert judges in their respective departments are discharging their duties in the manner and at the time prescribed by the regulations & shall report promptly to the Secretary the failure of any said committees to do so and they shall also render the committees or expert judges whatever aid they can and shall prevent all interference with them in the discharge of their duties; they shall also see that the awards are properly made out as to form, signed by the committees or expert judges and returned to the Secretary, as required by the Rules, and at the close of the Fair shall deliver the stock and articles in their respective departments to the exhibitors thereof. 


  1. Exhibitors must determine for themselves in what class or classes they will make entries.
  2. After an article or animal has been once entered, no change in the entry thereof will be allowed except to correct an error therein and then only by the Secretary. 
  3. Entries must state the exhibitor's name, residence and post office, each article or animal offered, the class in which entered and the age of each animal named therein, age of horses to date from March 1st of the year in which foaled. The age of all animals under two years shall be given in years and months. 
  4. No article or animals shall be entered for a premium unless owned in whole or in part by the person offering the same or by a member of his or her family under the age of 18 years, and when owned by a minor, the article or animals may be entered in the name of the minor.
  5. No person proposing to enter for a premium shall be permitted to examine the entry books of the class in which he proposes to enter, and any person so doing shall forfeit all rights to enter therein. 
  6. Any animal entered for a premium shall not be entered for a premium in any other class except as one of the pair in a herd, an no animal shall be exhibited in more than one herd. 
  7. Any animal entered as thoroughbred must be registered in the herd book recognized as the standard authority and full and satisfactory evidence must be furnished to the awarding committee. 
  8. All animals must be exhibited in the ring for the inspection of the awarding committee unless excused by the member in charge. Any exhibitor failing to exhibit shall forfeit all rights to premium. 
  9. Stalls shall be assigned to exhibitors of stock by the Secretary or by the Superintendent of the department in which they are entered. 
  10. Persons to whom stalls have been assigned failing to occupy the same with stock on the first day of the Fair shall forfeit all rights thereto. 
  11. Persons occupying stalls with their stock and failing to exhibit them in the class in which they are entered will be charged at the rate of $1.00 per day for each stall so occupied. 
  12. No entries will be accepted after 10:00 p.m. on Friday before opening day on Saturday unless previous arrangements have been made with the Secretary. 
  13. Carefully examine the premium list before making your entry and designate the animal or article entered by its number as it is described in the Premium List. 
  14. For all animals or articles entered, cards will be furnished by the Secretary, which will be properly attached and remain so during the Fair. 
  15. The Managers in Charge or the Superintendent will receive the animals or articles entered for exhibitions and place them in the proper divisions.
  16. Stalls will be assigned in the order in which the entries are made. 
  17. At the close of the Fair, exhibitors must attend to the removal of their stock or articles. 
  18. No mail entries will be taken. 
  19. No exhibit will be received by express, freight or mail. Exhibitors must bring their exhibits in person or have someone do it for them. 
  20. The purchase of a membership or seasonal ticket is necessary before entries are made. The ticket admits the exhibitor during the Fair. This is true in all departments unless stated otherwise. 
  21. Protest must be made in writing signed by parties making the protest and accompanied by a fee of $500.00 which will be retained by the Fair Board if protest is not sustained. The entire board shall hear protests with representatives of the department included and other persons as selected by the Board President. The time of hearing the protest shall be set by the Board President within 24 hours of the protest and all parties involved shall be notified to attend the hearing. The Fair Board shall be obligated to make a decision within one hour after the conclusion of the hearing and the exhibitor immediately notified and a written decision posted in the barn or livestock area when the violation occurred. The Fair Board shall have the final decision making authority in all such cases without exception. 


  1. Read carefully the foregoing Rules and Regulations before entering upon the discharge of your duties. 
  2. Report to the Manager in Charge or the Superintendent of your department and receive your badges and entry books and commence the performance of your duties.
  3. Vacancies in the committees will be filled as provided in Rules and Regulations.
  4. Deliver your report together with your badge to the Superintendent of your departments or to the Secretary at as early an hour as possible after your duties have been completed.
  5. The committees are respectively requested to make their reports as full as circumstances will permit, and also to recommend, by writing, any change or additions in the Premium List they may deem advisable.
  6. A premium should not be awarded to any animal or article unless it is actually entitled thereto. The committee should not award a first premium, or even a second premium, to any animal or article even where there is no competition except where such animal or article merits a premium. The object of the Association is to give premiums only to meritorious animals or articles; the awarding of a premium to any entry without merit because such entry is the best or only one on exhibition is contrary to the object of the Association.
  7. If in doubt as to the regularity of an entry or other question, advise the Manager in attendance or Superintendent or your department.
  8. The President, Vice President, Members in Charge and Superintendent of any department shall fill all vacancies in the awarding committees of such department.
  9. The reports of the awarding committees must be in writing signed by a majority of the committee noting therein in detail all the entries that come under their observation, stating the merits and demerits of each; they will also designate the articles of animals "not exhibited." The committees will deliver their reports to the Members in Charge or Superintendent of their respective departments or to the Secretary at as early an hour as possible after making their awards.  


  1. The Association will take every reasonable precaution to prevent injury or loss of articles or stock entered for exhibition after the arrival of the same on the Fair Grounds but will not be responsible for any injury or loss that may occur to the same.
  2. All articles or animals to be exhibited must remain until the close of the Fair unless permissions for their removal be given.
  3. All articles and stock entered for exhibition shall be under control of the Association during the Fair and shall not be removed before 8:OO p.m. Tuesday, unless otherwise stated. Any exhibitor violation of this rule shall forfeit all rights to premium for the stock or articles removed and further prohibits participation in the Washington County Fair for a period of not less than one or more than 5 years.
  4. No person shall be allowed within the "Ring" during the exhibition of the stock except the person in charge of the stock, the awarding committee, the officers of the Association and of other agricultural societies.
  5. Any person who shall in any manner impose upon the Association or violate in any way its rules shall forfeit all rights to premium at such Fair, except wherein it may be otherwise provided by the rules. 
  6. The association reserves the right to withdraw any premium offered for good cause.
  7. The Fair Association reserves the sole right to construe its own rules and regulations and to determine arbitrarily all matters and differences in regards thereto from which there is no appeal.
  8. The Association will not furnish any hay or feed but will have responsible parties on the ground who will furnish the same at market price.  


  1. If the proceeds of the Fair, after paying expenses, are not sufficient to pay the premiums in full, a dividend will be struck and the premiums paid pro-rate.
  2. All premiums awarded not called for within sixty days after the publications of the awards will be forfeited to the Association.
  3. All claims and errors in the awards of premiums must be specifically and definitely stated in writing and filed with the Secretary not later than ten days after the publication of awards or else all errors may be considered waived. All premium checks must be cashed on or before November 30 of the year of their issue. Stop payments will be issued on any checks not cashed by that date.
  4. No article or animal will be awarded more than one premium in the same class except in sweepstakes.
  5. Where there is but one animal or article in a class, the committee may award first or second premium or no premium thereof if they deem it undeserving. 
  6. The awarding committee may require proof if they deem it necessary as to any doubtful or dispute point.
  7. No committeeman will be permitted to act as such upon an article exhibited by him or in which he has an interest.
  8. Any exhibitor interfering in any way whatsoever with the awarding committee in the performance of their duties or seeking to influence them in their awards shall forfeit the right to a premium at such Fair.
  9. The committee shall ballot for the first premium without previous consultation and if a majority does not agree on such ballot the committee shall then proceed to compare views and make their award.
  10. Premium cards have no value as to the payment of premiums, as premiums are paid only by the record of the judges' books and from which there shall be no appeal. 
  11. Premiums will be paid at such a time as the Board of Directors shall state. 
  12. Junior Fair Premiums will be issued during the fair.  Any premiums not picked up after fair will be mailed to their respective clubs (ex. 4-H, FFA etc)
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