Washington County Fair




Robyn Tullius - Director in Charge

Judging Time: 1:00 p.m., Saturday, September 2

Merchants Hall- Downstairs


All listings in this section of rules are declared to be Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Competition shall be open to all amateur gardeners with the exception of classes 816 and 875, which are invitational classes.  All persons entering shall purchase a Washington County Fair Membership Ticket, either individually or through a Garden Club.

The rules of standard flower show practices as stated by Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. in the Exhibitors and Judges Handbook shall govern this show.  Each club and each individual should use this book in preparing exhibits.

Entries in all sections are to be staged under the direction of the placement committees.  ALL ENTRIES SHOULD BE OF SHOW QUALITY.

All specimen flowers must be delivered to the placing committees BEFORE 9:00 A.M. Saturday.

ALL ARTISTIC DESIGNS ARE TO BE IN THE HALL PRIOR TO 9:30 a.m. Saturday for placement by the committee.  The arranger should be available to assist the committee if the design needs to be moved.

Judging will start at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.

No exhibit is to be removed BEFORE 8:00 P.M. Tuesday.

Any exhibit removed before that time, shall forfeit the premium.

ALL exhibits should be removed PROMPTLY after 8:00 P. M. to protect the exhibit.

The area of the gardens should be swept and returned to the original state on Tuesday night.

Specimen cut flower bottles must be emptied on Tuesday night.  Paper coverings will be removed Wednesday morning.


Premiums-1st:$3.00; 2nd: $2.50; 3rd: $2.00; 4th: $1.50

Potted Plants are to be delivered BEFORE 1:00 P.M. Friday.

In Horticulture, classes may be added, subdivided, or combined if entries warrant.

Plants must be owned and grown by the exhibitor for at least three months.  All plant names must be furnished by the exhibitor.  An exhibitor may make more than one entry in a class, providing each entry is of a different variety.

No oil or polish permitted on foliage.

Pots must be scrubbed clean.  No foil covering.  All plant materials must be clean and well-groomed.

Potted plants should be large enough to be good specimens for the variety, but not too large to be handled easily.  Pots over 10 inches (top measurement) will not be accepted. Dish gardens and fairy gardens may be any shape, so long as they are not more than 12” across the top and no more than 6” deep.  Dish gardens and fairy gardens must have at least 3 varieties of plants.  

Due to the difficulty in staging and judging, entries in classes 800-813 WILL NOT be hung. Plants must not take up too much shelf space.

800 Aloe, Haworthia, Gasteria (plants in the Asphodeloideae subfamily) (special Class)

801 African Violets




805 FERNS, no large Boston Ferns, no Asparagus Ferns, no Sprengeri

806 CACTI (no Christmas Cactus type)



809 FOLIAGE PLANTS not listed elsewhere

810 BLOOMING PLANTS not listed elsewhere

811 PHILODENDRON and POTHOS (no extremely large ones)

812 OTHER VINES not blooming


814 DISH GARDENS (Container size 12” across top x 6”deep or smaller). No porch boxes or larger containers

815 FAIRY GARDENS (Container size 12” across top by 6” inch deep or smaller) – must have accessories. (Special class)



PREMIUMS - $100.00

Space will be provided, approximately 10' X 13'.  Clubs or garden club members are to furnish all plant material and accessories, which should be in good scale and proportion.  Awards will be made according to design, workmanship, suitability, and quality of plant material used in featuring one or more floricultural ideas for the home gardener.  Garden must have a title or theme.Plant material should be labeled.  (These names may be listed in the front with corresponding numbers at plant locations).  Each exhibitor with a commendable display will receive a premium.  Gardens must be completed on Friday.  Exhibitors' names should be taken down or covered during judging.


Premiums- 1st: $3.00; 2nd: $2.50; 3rd: $2.00; 4th: $1.50

An exhibitor may enter more than one specimen in a class, providing each entry is of a different variety.  All specimens must be grown by the exhibitor and 'named' with the correct variety name written on the front of the entry tag for each exhibit.

Specimen entries should be disbudded unless the schedule states otherwise.  These exceptions would be class 823 Roses, Floribunda; 824 Roses, Grandiflora; 825 Roses, Miniature; and any in class 845 Unclassified, 846 Unclassified , that would be grown as a stalk or stem (Example- Lilies).

The number of specimen blooms, or stems, is indicated in each class; the wrong number will be disqualified.

Container for the specimens (clear glass bottles) will be the responsibility of each club or individual.  Specimens should be ready to exhibit before bringing to the staging area.

Roses shall be classified according to the American Rose Society's Buyer's Guide (current edition).

Classes will be subdivided, added or combined as needed.

820 ROSES, Knock Out, 1 bloom

821 ROSES, any other variety, 1 bloom

823 ROSES, Floribunda, any named variety, 1 stem, not disbudded

824 ROSES, Grandiflora, 1 stem, not disbudded

825 ROSES, Miniature, 1 stem, not disbudded 

827 CELOSIA, crested

828 CELOSIA, any plumed variety, large flowered, 1 bloom, not disbudded         

829 DAHLIA, over 8 inches, 1 bloom

830 DAHLIA, 4 to 8 inches, 1 bloom

831 DAHLIA, 2 to under 4 inches, 3 blooms, 1 variety

832 DAHLIA, under 2 inches, 3 blooms, 1 variety

833 MARIGOLD, yellow or orange, 1 Bloom

834 MARIGOLD, large, light yellow, 1 bloom, any variety

835 MARIGOLD, large, dark yellow or orange, 1 bloom, any variety

836 Sedum, 1 bloom, any variety (Special Class) 

837 ZINNIA, Large, 3” or more, 1 bloom, any other variety

838 ZINNIA, cactus flowered, ruffled, curls, etc., 3 blooms

839 ZINNIA, medium flowered, single and mixed, 3 blooms, 1 variety

840 ZINNIA, small flowered, single color, 3 blooms, 1 variety

841 ZINNIA, small flowered, mixed colors, 3 blooms

842 SUNFLOWER, small flowering and medium-sized, 1 bloom

843 GRASSES, 1 stalk

844 GLADIOLUS, 1 spike

845     UNCLASSIFIED, Annual 1 large bloom, or 3 small, or spray (limit 4 per class per person)

846     UNCLASSIFIED, Perennials 1 large bloom, or 3 small, or spray, 6 inch stem or longer, (limit 4 per class per person)

847     SHRUB, 1 bloom or spray, 6 inch stem or longer, (limit 4 per class per person)


Premiums - 1st: $5.00; 2nd: $4.00; 3rd: $3.00; 4th: $2.00

Competition shall be open to all amateur gardeners holding a current ticket, with the exception of class 875, which is an invitational class.  Arrangements must be the work of the exhibitor - Only one entry in a class by an individual.

The exhibitor's name should be written in both spaces provided on the entry tag, which should be filled in completely.  Plant material should be named on the tag, and/or on a card to be read by the viewer.

All designs are to be delivered to the placement committee BEFORE 9:30 A.M. Saturday.  There will be no workspace for making arrangements in the hall.  In all fairness to the placement committee, all designs must be moveable.

If the arranger desires, painted or dyed DRIED plant materials may be used with any design.  DO NOT PAINT OR DYE live plant materials.  No artificial plant material will be permitted. All containers, bases, and accessories should have the owner's name on the underside for identification.  The use of free standing or unattached figurines and accessories is discouraged because of the hazards involved in staging and loss by theft.  Neither should items to which the owner attaches great value be displayed.  While care will be exercised, the Fair Board and Flower Show Committee will not be responsible for loss.

Exhibitors are expected to freshen their arrangements if needed throughout the Fair.

An arrangement may be repaired if the judge is not in the immediate area.

If entries warrant, classes in the Artistic Design Section can be divided.

Natural cedar niches will be provided for class 875.  Each one will measure approximately 20 inches deep, 30 inches wide, and 49 inches high.  A 4 x 6 card with a BRIEF interpretation must be used for class 875.

Garden Chat

Fence (Stretch Design)
850 creative
BLooming (Mass arrangement)
851 Traditional
852 Creative
Double Your Crop (two containers)
853 Traditional
854 Creative
Weeding (stressing green)
855 Traditonal
856 Creative
Season's Ends (using dried material)
857 Traditional
858 Creative
Harvest (including fruit and/or vegtables)
859 tradional
860 Creative
Delicate-miniature (under 5 inches)
861 Traditional 
862 Creative
863 Dried
Hardy-miniature (5-8in)
864 Traditional 
865 Creative
866 Dried
Random Concoction (frames spatial arrangement)
867 Creative
Garden Miracles (religious)
868 Traditional
869 Creative
New Growth (exhibitors who have won fewer tan 10 blue ribbons
870 arrangers choice
Invitational (special class by invitation only)
875 Creative (describe on index card)



The same general rules will apply for specimen flowers, potted plants, and artistic arrangements in the Junior Division as in the Senior Division of the Flower Show.

The Junior Section of the Flower Show is open to anyone under 18 years of age.  A Junior Fair Ticket is required. Age of child should be on the entry tag prior to placement.

Premiums - Participation $2.00 per entry up to 10 entries


Pots, saucers, and plants must be clean and well groomed.  No decorations allowed on plants.  All plants are to be delivered BEFORE 4:00 P.M. Friday.

10 years old and younger

            890 One small potted plant - 3 or 4-inch pot

            891 One medium sized potted plant - 5 or 6-inch pot

Ages 11 through 18

            892 One small potted plant - 3 or 4-inch pot

            893 One medium sized potted plant - 5 or 6-inch pot

 Fairy Gardens

894 must have accessories, 12' or less around and no more the 6' deep


If juniors have larger plants, they will be entered in the Senior Potted Plant Section, Classes 801-813; plants must be delivered BEFORE 1:00 P.M. Friday.

               SPECIMEN FLOWERS

All specimen flowers must be delivered BEFORE 9:30 A.M. Saturday.  Clear glass containers (example Gatorade bottles)

            895 MARIGOLD, large flowering, 1 bloom, named variety

            896 ZINNIA, large flowering, 1 bloom, named variety

            897 CELOSIA

            898 UNCLASSIFIED (Limited to 4 entries per person)


All designs must be delivered BEFORE 9:30 A.M. Saturday.

Open to all juniors under age 18.  Age of child should be stated on entry tags.

New Sprouts (age 10 and under)

899 Arranger's Choice


Little Pots (age 11-18)

900 Arranger's Choice

      Special Awards are:

Best of Show - Horticulture Potted Plants (Plaque)

                         Horticulture Specimen (Plaque)

                         Artistic Traditional (Plaque)

                         Artistic Creative (Plaque)

                         Artistic Junior Division (Plaque)

Most Creative - Artistic (Plaque)

Award of Distinction - Artistic (Plaque)

Lilliput Award- Artistic (Plaque)

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